PMM Hive Featured Member: Camil Lafreniere

Camil Lafreniere Senior Product Manager at New Forma

We are pleased to present Camil Lafreniere as our first-ever PMM Hive Featured Member. He’s been an active member in our community since August 2020. Camil is a product manager with a quality assurance analyst background. He is interested in growing his skills in positioning and messaging to better help his company’s marketing team since they lack a product marketing function. He is currently working on getting his PMM certification, where he is learning more about branding and communication.

Product Management vs. Product Marketing

Thanks to the variety of his experience, Camil holds a particular position regarding the relationship between product marketing and product management. He believes that the two work in tandem, that they feed each other. Discrepancies between the two can harm the integrity of customer relationships, so it’s important that product managers and marketers work closely together to avoid this. As someone who’s had to bridge the gap between the two, Camil knows what he’s talking about. 

As a product manager, you should be curious about product marketing. The saying that “everyone in the company is a salesperson” should not be overlooked. When you’re talking to customers, you have to be a good storyteller, and positioning helps with that. If you’d like to hear more about this topic, tune in to our podcast episode with Camil, where you can hear more about his background and thoughts on the relationship between PMs and PMMs.

About Camil Lafreniere

I am from the great white north, that’s Canada, eh?! I’ve been above the Arctic circle and seen all 3 oceans that surround Canada. I started out in the hospitality industry and then into the telecommunications industry. I got my break into the software industry as a Quality Analyst at EA (Electronic Arts) for a one year contract and then moved to a small start up called SmartUse. It took me a long time to find my calling (it is never too late). Presently I am a senior product manager at Newforma. I live outside of Montreal, Quebec, so right now due to the pandemic, I am working from home. I am enjoying not having to travel downtown for work.

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