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PMM Hive has reduced messaging and positioning to its essence. And it’s free. What are you waiting for?

Mark Davis, VP Product Marketing | RUCKUS, at CommScope

About This Course

In this PMM Hive Essentials – Positioning for Advantage course, you will learn about positioning, one of the most critical aspects of product marketing, including how to develop a positioning statement with supporting messages and proof points.

Positioning for Advantage is a framework for messaging and positioning that is well-suited to B2B technology companies that are challengers in a competitive market. The framework emphasizes competitive differentiation as the anchor to product positioning. It is a proven framework that has been used by many of the world’s most successful technology companies.

Positioning for Advantage is not a vague, academic framework that will leave you wondering, “what do I do now?”. Working product marketers developed and evolved the structure over the years and across many companies. The completed framework is your product marketing output. It will ensure consistency and accelerate the delivery of your downstream artifacts, including brochures, web content, and presentations.

Fantastic training, short and jammed packed with actionable information that can be applied immediately.

Camil Lafreniere, Senior PM at Newforma

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skill necessary to see practical benefits in the workspace immediately. We also offer the PMM Hive Essentials Positioning for Advantage Playbook for reference after you take the training as well as a template you can use to capture your own messaging and positioning.

The course is blended, combining around 90 minutes of online training with regular live sessions for questions and discussion as well as a dedicated channel in the PMM Hive slack workspace.

What You Will Learn

What Our Members Say

The Positioning for Advantage training course was great! Unlike some online courses, it’s succinct and immensely practical. It’s given me a simple framework to structure our messaging so that we stand out in a crowded market and target buyers quickly understand our solution.

Shea Darlison, Head of Product at Rise Vision

If you’re a product marketer, take this positioning and messaging course to become a more effective PMM. If you’re a PMM leader, take it with your team to enable consistent, superior messaging execution across your portfolio. PMM Hive has reduced messaging and positioning to its essence. And it’s free. What are you waiting for? 

Mark Davis, VP Product Marketing | RUCKUS, at CommScope

Skills You Will Gain

Meet Your Instructor

This course is taught by Crispin Read. He is the founder of PMM Hive and CEO of Shmumble, a product marketing consulting firm.

Crispin founded PMM Hive to promote free sharing of product marketing knowledge and the recognition of product marketing.

Shmumble serves mid-sized technology and financial services firms in the US and Europe as well as Korean and Japanese entrepreneurs exploring Silicon Valley.

Crispin started his career as a backend Unix/C++ developer and transitioned to technology marketing in 1996 with his first Product Marketing Manager role at Business Objects in Paris. After running product marketing at Business Objects for about ten years, Crispin took a CMO role at Cartesis in Paris and then moved to the Seattle area as a GM Product Management at Microsoft. He then headed to Silicon Valley, where he started Shmumble.

Connect with Crispin Read on LinkedIn.