Crisis Mode – I Need More Pipeline Now!


Jun 24 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Fortella Webinar: Crisis Mode – I Need More Pipeline Now!

Join Dave Kellogg and Fortella founder Rahul Sachedev for the webinar: Crisis Mode – I Need More Pipeline Now! on June 24th 2021 at 10AM Pacific.


In this webinar, the discussion primarily related to two Kellblog posts:

What will be covered

  • That pipeline isn’t a monolith and that we need to look inside the pipeline to see things by opportunity type (e.g., new vs. expansion), customer type (e.g., size segment, industry segment) and by source (e.g., inbound vs. partners).  We also need to remember that certain figures we burn into our heads (e.g., sales cycle length) are merely the averages of a distribution and not impenetrable hard walls.
  • By decomposing pipeline we can identity that some types close faster (and/or at a higher conversion rate) than others, and ergo focus on those types when we are in a pinch.
  • How to think about pipeline coverage ratios, including to-go coverage, the target coverage ratio, and remembering to look not just at ARR dollar coverage but opportunities/rep.
  • The types of campaigns one can and should run when you are in a pipeline pinch
  • How we can avoid getting into pipeline pinches through planning (e.g., an inverted funnel model) and forecasting (e.g., next quarter pipeline).

The event is finished.

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