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John Zilch_Achieving a Successful Product Launch
John Zilch Co-Founder of Launch Day

This month’s featured community member is John Zilch, an experienced Product leader and adjunct professor at Providence College. John currently leads the mobile engagement product team at Upland Software, focused on building a world class platform to help marketers engage with their audience.  

John is also the co-founder of Launch Day, a launch orchestration platform which launched in April 2021. Launch Day is built for product marketers to support successful GTM activity, from planning through execution.  

Achieving a Successful Product Launch

Having spent most of his career in Product, John has worn many hats on many product launches. The successful launches he has been a part of had the same three things in common: Alignment around goals, superior communication and positivity.  When a team is communicating clearly, focused on the same goals and excited around the offering, the energy of the team will propel the launch to incredible heights and success.

As a member of our community, John has been featured on PMM Hive’s This is Product Marketing podcast, where he talks about how to successfully organize a product launch and the importance of celebrating that success. 

“Regarding work, I like to ask ‘What will we remember about this effort in five years?’  Mostlikely, we won’t remember stressing about a to-do list.  We won’t remember making a date.  We’re going to remember achieving a goal as a team, building something really great and hearing our customers embrace the effort.  So I like to lean into that with the launch teams I’m part of.  I look to build moments we’ll celebrate in five years.”

This is Product Marketing Episode 13: John Zilch – Achieving a Successful Product Launch

About John Zilch

John Zilch, is the cofounder of Launch Day, a launch orchestration platform just launched this past month and a longtime Product leader for various SaaS companies.  

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