PMM Hive Featured Member: Kelly Drozd

Product Marketing Hive Featured Member Kelly Drozd
Kelly Drozd, Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian

We would like to welcome Kelly Drozd as PMM Hive’s featured member! Kelly joined PMM Hive very early on when the community was first founded. Having worked in various industries, she has quite a range of experience under her belt. Over the past year, Kelly made a big move to San Francisco, CA where she settled into the role of the Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian on the Jira Software team.

I don’t think you could ever stick a stick in the ground, and say ‘We are done! We’ve transformed’. Agile transformation or transformation is ongoing. It should be a continuous improvement.

This is Product Marketing Episode 14: Kelly Drozd – Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing

Kelly is an enthusiastic advocate for Agile marketing. Agile marketing, like the name suggests, is all about being able to respond and adapt quickly to change. Agile started in the software world with agile software development. It’s an alternative to the traditional waterfall development approach — a leaner, faster, more flexible way to build software.

Kelly believes that Agile practices can empower marketing teams to make better decisions and adapt to customer needs that will help solve customer problems. She feels it’s important for companies to be customer-focused. In fact, she is constantly working to improve the structure and flexibility of her team and her own work using Agile practices.

You can hear more of Kelly’s thoughts on this on This is Product Marketing podcast. 

About Kelly Drozd

Kelly is a Product Marketer at Atlassian on the Jira Software team. She is passionate about continuous improvement and helping teams work better together. Before Atlassian, Kelly led agile adoption and transformation efforts across Marketing teams, which included scaling Jira Software and Confluence across 10+ business units and hundreds of users. When she is not busy telling the world about the power of Atlassian tools for teams, you can find her practicing yoga or walking her dogs around the hills of San Francisco.

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