PMM Hive Featured Member: Phyllis Njoroge

Phyllis Njoroge, Product Manager at Redfin

We’d like to present Phyllis Njoroge as our PMM Hive’s featured member! Phyllis currently holds a product manager position at Redfin. If there’s one thing that makes Phyllis stand out from other product managers, it’s the whirlwind of experience she has in other professions. She grew up interested in many disciplines and aspects of life. Discovering product management, a specialization that calls for skills in various areas, she realized she no longer had to choose. 

“I didn’t choose to become a product manager; I was engaging in many product management skills and found a title that aligned with what I wanted out of my life and my work.”

Phyllis Njoroge, Product Manager at Redfin

Phyllis is an active writer and content creator. She is always trying to share resources with her community and is particularly active on LinkedIn, where she writes about product management, career growth, and imposter syndrome. As a member of PMM Hive, she has written a piece on how to use the SAIL (Situation, Action, Impact, Learnings) framework to excel in your next job interview. The SAIL method is derived from the well-known STAR framework, but it further emphasizes the importance of past experiences to push towards a growth mindset. Phyllis provides incredible advice that is sure to help you chase your dream job, so don’t miss out. 

About Phyllis Njoroge

Phyllis Njoroge is a product manager and content creator. She posts content on LinkedIn related to product management, career development, and impostor syndrome. 

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