PMM Hive Featured Member: Anita Raj

Anita Raj, VP of Product Marketing at ThroughPut Inc.

We are happy to present Anita Raj as PMM Hive’s featured member this time! Anita is a seasoned B2B marketer with a background in engineering, and over a decade of marketing experience. She now holds the VP of Product Marketing position at ThroughPut Inc, where she develops Go-to-Market Strategy, leads product launches, and much more. Anita has worked with companies around the globe, maintaining a growth-driven mindset to help them thrive. She is not afraid to take risks and break the norm, making her a unique addition to any team. 

Over the years of experience, my thoughts and actions have evolved to echo the emerging global language: to serve, not to sell.

Anita Raj, VP of Product Marketing at ThroughPut Inc.

Go to Team Before Go to Market

Anita is a significant contributor in product marketing communities, and is an active member of PMM Hive, where she has contributed her insights on go-to-market strategy as well as a guide to the best product release plan and a Product Marketing FAQ.

Most recently, she was featured in our newest episode of This is Product Marketing, where she discusses the product roadmap. Anita finds the product roadmaps to be one of the most valuable aspects of strategy planning. A roadmap is a crucial starting point for cross-functional teams to get aligned in their goals. Anita believes the initial roadmap stages are critical for product marketers to be involved in as they hold a key role in “bringing the voice of the customer and the voice of the market together.” She also believes that when roadmap planning is done well in a cross-functional and collaborative approach, everyone in the company can strategically help product marketing and product management teams to make launches truly impactful.

A common failure that is seen all-too-often in product launches has to do with lack of communication between teams. Anita dives deeper into this “go to team before go to market” idea in a previous podcast episode, discussing the value of developing a go-to-team strategy alongside your go-to-market strategy. Communication externally with customers is as important as internal communication between teams. Team needs to be enabled, prepared and communicated at different points throughout the entire journey, ensuring that customers are receiving consistent information and building trust with them overtime.

About Anita Raj

Anita Raj is a Go-to-Market Strategist and Product Marketer with over a decade of experience working in the field of Big data, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence. Anita’s international stints in United Kingdom, Silicon Valley and Germany for multi-million-dollar enterprise companies such as Dell EMC, Progress Software, Infosys and high growth SaaS start-ups such as DataRPM, LeanIX, and Brillio have primed her to develop a solid understanding of B2B Technology products.

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