PMM Hive Featured Member: Clement Kao

Clement Kao, Founder of Product Teacher

We are happy to announce Clement Kao as our featured member this time. Clement is the founder of Product Teacher and co-founder at Product Manager HQ. Clement worked as product manager for 5+ years, and he has helped companies ship multiple multi-million dollar B2B software products. 

Clement is passionate about product management and sharing his knowledge with aspiring product managers. He is a significant contributor in product management communities and is an active member of Product Marketing Hive. He has multiple publications on various topics of product management, including “Breaking Into Product Management”, “Excellent Execution as a Product Manager”, “Refining Your Product Skills”.

With more and more people eager to break into product management, and more companies shifting to be more product-oriented, he found one of the common challenges is not having enough helpful resources and content on how to be a product manager successfully.

This year, Clement decided to realize his dream of helping more people to excel in their careers as product managers by founding Product Teacher, a product management education company. Previously, Clement offered pro bono consultations on product management career advancement that helped many aspiring product managers to land their dream jobs before founding Product Teacher.

Building Minimum Valuable Product

“Please never forget that there’s someone else on the other side of the product. There’s a human being there. We want to be empathetic to them, we want to make sure they feel respected, understood, seen, heard.  ”

This is Product Marketing Episode 18 Clement Kao – Finding Product/Market Fit for Your MVP.

Clement is featured in our latest episode of This is Product Marketing, where he discusses product strategy. Clement finds it is important to keep in mind that you’re building your product for real human beings – and that they should feel heard.

Clement shares his insights on how to build the product customers love with the “Minimum Valuable Product” approach with this guide. It is an alternative approach to “minimum viable product” that puts users at the center to define “value”. He points out that one of the common mistakes companies make when implementing a “minimum viable product” strategy is not speaking with target users enough or conducting user research before deciding what “minimally viable” means.

About Clement Kao

Clement Kao is the founder of Product Teacher, a product management education company with the mission of creating accessible and effective resources for a global community of product managers, founders, and entrepreneurs. Product Teacher offers self-paced courses, career coaching, consulting, corporate training, and other professional development services for product managers all over the world.

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