PMM Hive Featured Member: Laura Smous

Laura Smous, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Verblio

We are happy to announce Laura Smous as our featured member this time. Laura is currently the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Verblio. Laura has worked at startups of various sizes, where she continued to explore storytelling in the go-to-market aspects of software companies all the while solidifying her love for product marketing.

Laura is a seasoned product marketer, specializing in product strategy, pricing & packaging, growth strategy, and much more. With over 20 years of SaaS experience blended with a passion for product marketing and data, Laura is a powerhouse of knowledge on the intersection of marketing and technology. 

While both cost-plus pricing and competitor-based pricing are common and easy to understand, putting the emphasis on price alone overlooks an area of focus that drives growth more effectively than customer acquisition or retention—monetization. 

Laura Smous, DIY Packaging and Pricing Guide

 Optimizing your monetization strategy

Pricing is one of the more complex aspects of product marketing, and rarely gets the rigorous attention it requires. In an episode of This is Product Marketing, Laura discusses her thoughts on B2B SaaS product and pricing strategies. B2B SaaS companies aren’t always as focused on optimizing pricing and packaging strategies, but Laura argues that getting more creative with your strategy can make a huge difference. “[Pricing] is a big lever for growth for companies. Getting it right is super important.”

Laura also shares her insights on pricing and packaging with this guide, where she dives into the different components of pricing and packaging; data gathering, framing features, packaging models, value metrics, and more. She walks us through the process of analyzing monetization strategies to give businesses a competitive edge.

About Laura Smous

Laura blends over 20 years of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and agency experience with a love for marketing and passion for data to help companies unlock the power of great content to grow brands and develop memorable customer experiences that drive awareness, engagement, revenue and loyalty. Prior to Verblio, Laura led product marketing at AdRoll. Other recent areas of focus include influencer marketing, conversational commerce and artificial intelligence. Laura has also served as the Certificate Director and Associate Instructor for the Digital Marketing Management Certificate, at the University of Utah. She is a versatile marketing leader and accomplished writer. Laura received a BS in Computer Information Systems and International Business from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, as well as a BA in Germanic Studies.

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