PMM Hive Featured Member: SJ Petteruti

PMM Hive Featured Member SJ Petteruti
SJ Petteruti, Director, Product Evangelist at Salsify

We are happy to announce SJ Petteruti as our featured member. SJ is currently the Director of Product Evangelism at Salsify. He advises brands and retails on how to leverage product data to develop effective e-commerce strategies that win the digital shelf. Before working in the retail industry, SJ worked in various digital media and Martech SaaS technology companies.

SJ considers himself a storyteller before anything else. He worked as a Disney show writer and a product manager before discovering product marketing. He found product marketing is a perfect fit for his skills and what he loves. He believes product marketing is a creative and strategic role. With more than eight years of product marketing experience, SJ finds it incredibly fulfilling.

As a product marketer, you need to be willing to put pen to paper for the first time. And then, let other people tear it apart, give you feedback, and evolve it. Don’t take ownership over it. It is not an identification of who you are personally; it is an identification of the message for an idea.

This is Product Marketing Episode 21 SJ Petteruti – A Repeatable Process for Developing Product Messaging

Creating Product Messaging

In the latest episode of This is Product Marketing, SJ discusses product massaging. He finds storytelling to be a powerful way to relate to and connect with an audience.

Communicating from the perspective of the audience is key. Earning trust from the audience by identifying their business challenges and advising them from a consultative standpoint is more effective than selling based on product functionalities.

SJ shares a repeatable process for developing product messaging. SJ points out the importance of earning trust from your counterparts as a product marketer in order to bring messages to life while collaborating across different functions. He also shares his thoughts on how to interact with analysts in an impactful way.

I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned about marketing in general, whether you’re selling software or a movie, or a toy, or a tractor-trailer, is repeating the message. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. It’s more a matter of getting that same message out there in multiple forms… Your audience doesn’t hear you the first time or even the second time,they need to hear that message over and over again.

This is Product Marketing Episode 21 SJ Petteruti – A Repeatable Process for Developing Product Messaging

About SJ Petteruti

SJ is a product evangelist for Salsify, where he helps shape the company message about how the solutions Salsify brings to market enable brands to win on the digital shelf. He considers himself a storyteller first, and a student of technology’s impact on human behavior second. As a speaker, SJ educates audiences about how they can embrace change, and how they can properly build an organization that is prepared for what’s to come. As a writer, SJ monitors how new trends like livestream shopping and third party logistical management are evolving our daily lives. 

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