PMM Hive Talk with Bruno Aziza

Successful B2B technology companies often start with simple product portfolios, a clear mission, and passionate customers. As they grow, success leads to profit, and profit leads to product line expansion through acquisition and internal development. Portfolios get more complicated and lose some of the clarity and charm of their earlier days.

“You don’t have a ‘story’ to tell. You don’t have something to invent. You have to tell customers exactly what you are doing because, in a world where they can get informed anywhere, they are going to value this transparency.”

Bruno Aziza, PMM Hive Talk: Up and to the Right.

In 2020, Oracle Analytics leaped from niche player to visionary on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Bruno Aziza and Crispin Read discuss the story behind this turnaround: how Bruno’s team embraced the feedback of the community (customers, partners, and analysts) to reshape the direction of the Oracle Analytics strategy and its entire go-to-market.

They discuss customer focus, analyst relations, product rationalization, and GTM strategy. Bruno shared his thoughts on what makes a great Product Manager, how product management is evolving, and the future of product-led business. 

Bruno Aziza: The Story of a Turnaround

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Who Should Watch?

Product managers, product marketers, analyst relations and marketers

Meet the Host

Crispin Read, founder at PMM Hive.

Meet the Guest

Bruno Aziza, Group Vice President, AI & Data Analytics Cloud at Oracle.

Bruno Aziza: The Story of a Turnaround

Bruno Aziza is a technology entrepreneur. He has focused on scaling businesses and turning them into global leaders. Bruno has helped lead startups, medium and large-size organizations across the US, France, the UK, and Germany.

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