PMM Hive Talk with Dave Kellogg: Marketing in Hot and Cold Markets

Dave Kellogg and Crispin Read discuss the differences in marketing approaches for hot markets vs. cold markets. How do you know if you are in a hot market? They talk more about how to know what kind of market you are in and how to approach positioning, messaging and branding in these very different scenarios. 

Dave Kellogg: Marketing in Hot and Cold Markets

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It might be worth mentioning that we have a 60-minute director’s cut of this interview that covers some really fascinating additional material for the many diehard Kellogg fans. This is available here!

In addition to what he covered in our Live event, here’s what’s new in the director’s cut:

  • Dave has been sharing his thoughts on his website,, so where does the name “Kellblog” come from?
  • Dave often describes himself as a reductionist. What is a reductionist? 
  • Additional thoughts on how to approach a hot market.
  • Why is Dave such a big believer in agenda-based messaging?
  • How to win an axe battle, the differentiation?
  • What do you do if you are a startup in a cold market?
  • Is it possible to predict or even design your way into a hot market?

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Who Should Watch?

Product marketers, technology marketers and executives

Meet the Host

Crispin Read, founder at PMM Hive.

Meet the Guest

PMM Hive Talk with Dave Kellogg: Marketing in Hot and Cold Markets

Dave Kellogg is a consultant, independent director, advisor and blogger focused on enterprise software startups. He brings a unique perspective to startup challenges having 10 years experience at each of the CEO, CMO and independent director levels across 10+ companies ranging in size from zero to over $1B in revenues. He currently sits on the boards of Alation, Nuxeo and Profisee.

Prior roles include CEO of Host Analytics, SVP/GM of Service Cloud at Salesforce and CEO of MarkLogic. Dave loves disruption, startups and Silicon Valley. He periodically speaks to strategy and entrepreneurship classes at the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley) and Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris (HEC).

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