PMM Hive Talk: People Hire Your Product to Get a Job Done

Since Clayton Christensen popularized Jobs to be Done in Harvard Business Review and, most recently, in “Competing Against Luck,” the approach has gained an enthusiastic following. Des Traynor of Intercom and Sian Townsend of Google are evangelists. Consultants including Tony Ulwick at Strategyn and Bob Moesta of the Rewired Group have practices. Alan Klement (“When Coffee and Kale Compete”) and Jim Kalback (“The jobs to be done playbook.”) write engaging books on the topic. 

It is curious to me that JTBD is not widely adopted, understood, or even known in B2B technology marketing circles. I have a feeling that it could underpin an alternative approach to marketing that might be helpful in some cases, perhaps even offering an alternative to B2B Personas. 

The first stop on my journey to discover JTBD will be an exploratory conversation with an experienced practitioner and member of the PMM Hive community, Georgia Diaconescu. I’m grateful to Georgia for joining me on a PMM Hive talk to introduce the topic and describe her experience. 

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Who Should Watch?

Product marketers and managers, technology marketers

Meet the Host

Crispin Read, founder at PMM Hive.

Meet the Guest

After studying Marketing at the University of Amsterdam, Georgia started her career in the world of augmented reality start-ups. She lived in Amsterdam and London, travelling the world to project-lead brand campaigns and promote this technology. She developed a passion for product marketing after joining the innovation hub of a global FMCG company and continued her journey into fintech before joining what3words. Loves working with cross-functional teams to build technology that offers meaningful, engaging experiences.

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