PMM Hive Talk with Jon Baer: Decoding Silicon Valley

When we are not dealing with a global pandemic, Jon Baer, co-author of “Decoding Silicon Valley: the insider’s guide“, travels to all corners of the world to teach, mentor, and advise early-stage companies. Entrepreneurs worldwide can benefit from Jon’s thoughts on innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. We are grateful that Jon kindly agreed to share his experience and expertise with the PMM Hive community.

Decoding Silicon Valley

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Who Should Watch?

Anyone who is involved with tech – from entrepreneurs to product marketers and managers, and technology marketers from all over the world

Meet the Host

Crispin Read, founder at PMM Hive.

Meet the Guest

Jonathan Baer is the Managing Partner of StoneHearth Ventures. Jon is a recovering venture capitalist who works with early stage companies both in Silicon Valley and around the world. He was the founder and CEO of two venture-backed companies, one of which was a spinout from SRI International. Jon now spends his time teaching, mentoring, and advising early stage companies with leading accelerators, investors, and corporations around the world. He believes that startups require tough love; and need to focus on money, metrics, and milestones. Jon teaches startup CEOs to say less, because less is more. 

Jonathan Baer Decoding Silicon Valley PMM Hive

Jon assists companies with a range of startup issues and challenges: refining presentations, connecting with customers and partners, raising capital, validating markets and sales channels and recruiting advisors and board members. Jon was a General Partner at Oscco Ventures, a Sand Hill Road early-stage venture capital firm that was one of the pioneering firms in Silicon Valley. Jon started his career at Exxon Enterprises where he was responsible for creating and managing new businesses for the corporation.

He has a BA in Biology and a BS in Engineering Science from Tufts University and an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. Jon provides mentoring to Stanford University’s StartX accelerator and Singularity University’s acceleration programs and taught at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Northeastern University. He is the co-author of Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide.

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