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Positioning for Advantage Playbook


Positioning for Advantage Playbook described the Positioning for Advantage (PFA) framework for B2B product positioning and messaging. This is a 24 page complete guide to advantage-based positioning.

You will find this Playbook, and a template you can complete, along with the PMM Hive Slack community.


This Positioning for Advantage Playbook is written by Crispin Read. He is the founder of PMM Hive and CEO of Shmumble, a product marketing consulting firm.

Crispin founded PMM Hive to promote free sharing of product marketing knowledge and the recognition of product marketing.

Shmumble serves mid-sized technology and financial services firms in the US and Europe as well as Korean and Japanese entrepreneurs exploring Silicon Valley.

Crispin started his career as a backend Unix/C++ developer and transitioned to technology marketing in 1996 with his first Product Marketing Manager role at Business Objects in Paris. After running product marketing at Business Objects for about ten years, Crispin took a CMO role at Cartesis in Paris and then moved to the Seattle area as a GM Product Management at Microsoft. He then headed to Silicon Valley, where he started Shmumble.

Connect with Crispin Read on LinkedIn.


Positioning for Advantage Playbook

Your complete guide to advantage-based positioning. 

24 pages.