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Dave Kellogg

Episode 1: Marketing in Hot and Cold Markets

Dave Kellogg and Crispin Read discuss the differences in marketing approaches for hot markets vs. cold markets. How do you know if you are in a hot market? They talk more about how to know what kind of market you are in and how to approach positioning, messaging and branding in these very different scenarios. 

John Kreisa

Episode 2: Product Marketing Career Roadmap

John Kreisa, Chief Marketing Officer at Docker, and Crispin Read, founder of PMM Hive discuss careers in Product Marketing Management. They talk about how to get started in product marketing, what it takes to excel as a PMM, and how product marketers can advance into other roles such as product or marketing leadership. 

Bruno Aziza

Episode 3: The Story of a Turnaround

Bruno Aziza and Crispin Read discuss the story behind the turnaround of Oracle Gartner Magic Quadrant: how Bruno’s team embraced the feedback of the community (customers, partners, and analysts) to reshape the direction of the Oracle Analytics strategy and its entire go-to-market. Bruno shared his thoughts on what makes a great Product Manager, how product management is evolving, and the future of product-led business. 

Crispin Read

Episode 4: What Is a Product?

In this episode, Crispin Read explores the most fundamental question in product marketing – what is a product? He describes how product proliferation happens, why it is damaging  and how to prevent it.  To learn more, please check out article “What is a product?“.

Episode 5: Don't Create a Category

In this episode, Crispin Read explained why you shouldn’t attempt to create a new category if you are in an already established market. He describes how it happens, why it is a bad idea. To learn more, please check out article”Don’t create a category“.

Episode 9: How to Build a Successful Second Product

In this episode, Crispin Read, founder of Product Marketing Hive talks about the second product problem. He shares his thoughts on why people fail to create a successful second product. Crispin also explains the core elements of creating second product success. Please check out the article The Second Product Problem: And how to create a successful second product for more in-depth insights.

Maria Ross

Episode 6: The Empathy Edge

In this episode, Maria Ross – branding expert and author of The Empathy Edge – and Crispin Read discuss empathy and how to harness the value of compassion as an engine for business success. What does it mean for a brand to be empathetic, and how do you build an authentic, empathetic brand? And for product marketers, what does empathy look like in product and services marketing and messaging?

Georgia Diaconescu

Episode 7: People Hire Your Product to Get a Job Done

Since Clayton Christensen popularized Jobs to be Done in Harvard Business Review the approach has gained an enthusiastic following. This PMM Hive Talk about JTBD will be an exploratory conversation with an experienced practitioner and member of the PMM Hive community, Georgia Diaconescu.

Anita Raj

Episode 8: Go to Team Before Go to Market

In this episode, Anita Raj, Vice President of Product Marketing at ThroughPut and Crispin Read discuss product marketing and the product launch process. Anita shares her thoughts on the ambiguity of the product marketing function and how to translate that into personal growth and career success. She outlines the key steps to a successful product launch, how to manage a series of launches of different shapes and sizes and what a successful launch looks like.