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SAIL Framework to Ace Your Next PMM/PM Job Interviews


When you think about the purpose of an interview, it is not to just share a story and bond with your interviewer. The purpose of the interview is to act as an assessment of your previous behavior. It presumably is a useful indicator of how you would behave in a future similar circumstance.

As I had been practicing for job interviews, I felt as if STAR framework left something to be desired in demonstrating your experience and value.

The STAR framework focuses heavily on recounting your previous experiences, but I felt that it missed on taking advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate growth and future success. As a result, I developed the SAIL framework for interview questions, with the letters being an abbreviation for Situation, Action, Impact, and Learnings

For more information see SAIL Framework to Ace Your Next Product Marketing Job Interview

SAIL Framework to Ace your Next Product Marketing Job Interview


SAIL Interview Template

Editable pdf document to prepare for your next product marketing/product management job interview. 1 page.

SAIL Framework Template to Ace your next Product Marketing Job Interview